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Frequently asked questions?

Do I Need A ShipYo Account To Ship?

Corporate customers would need to sign up with us on our website. Individual customers can get a quote online & proceed with the booking.

How Do I Find A ShipYo Drop-Off Location?

We are currently operating out of Hyderabad and will be expand into Other Cities Very Soon.

How can I know whether a Specific Area is served by your company?

Click on the SERVICE AREAS and Enter the Location or its PIN/ ZIP Code

What is the Process of Booking a Parcel?

You can book your parcel directly from "Book International Courier" or raise request from "Schedule a Pickup" or directly walk-in to our office with the parcel with its specified Weight and Location details to be sent.

Will you pick up the Parcel and pack them from my place?

YES! We will pick up the parcel from your place and pack them according to the International Packing Norms. Raise a request from "Schedule a Pickup"

Do I have any Restrictions on the type and quantity of the goods I send?

There are few regulations set by the carrier companies like FedEx, DHL, UPS, etc. Some Perishable goods have restrictions, however, we will let you know, if any such item you have before sending.

However, you can check "PROHIBITED ITEMS".

You can send any number of Items.

What Documents I need to provide for shipping?

Yes, you need to Provide documents for security purposes. Click here to know them

How will you calculate the shipping price?

Shipping Price is calculated on Location & Weight. The Final Price will be known after complete packing of the shipment.

Shipment Prices are calculated according to the higher value of the Actual or Volumetric Weight.

How do I calculate Volumetric Weight?

Volumetric weight will be calculated as:

L*B*H divided by 5000

In how many days will my parcel gets delivered?

The Delivery of the parcel depends on the destination it should be reached. At the time of booking your shipment, we will let you know the delivery time.Delivery time is Subjected to the Customs Regulations.

On an Average, for USA, it may take 3-7 Days.

How I can know the status of my Parcel?

We will provide you the TRACKING NUMBER or AWB (Air Way Bill Number) at the time of booking your shipment, and you can track them all the time. Track your shipment.

How can you ensure that my parcel will not get damaged?

Fragile items are labelled as FRAGILE, so that they will be taken special care in handling them and use standard packing for all our international shipments.

What Happens, if my parcel gets damaged or does not reach the destination?

Based on the nature of the damage, the customer can try to report with the Online Carrier. where there is no claim for the FRAGILE Items.

With which International Companies are you associated for Parcel Delivery?

We are associated with all major international courier companies like FedEx, DHL, UPS, etc., and also have our own IATA license and CHA.